A Silo Guide: The Importance of Silo Maintenance Checks

Silo maintenance

Silos are some of the most massive and durable storage facilities ever created. They are better for storing raw materials, food supplies, and more. Although silo damage may not be easily visible, it is easily addressed with advanced silo repair services.

Get more details about silo maintenance and repair here in our short discussion. These details might be handy when you do encounter issues with your silo.

Proper Silo Maintenance Checks

Different types of silos will encounter issues through years of use. Most silos are standalone monoliths that are always left to function as is. Once you’ve filled it up, it is shut, and it is left for long time periods. 

Lack of maintenance is common in such cases, as there are no moving parts or complex maintenance steps needed. The integrity of the materials can be the key issue, and you’ll need emergency concrete or steel silo repair.

Steel-built silos can experience major dents, inner and outerwear, or corrosion. It may be challenging to locate these issues within the structure. Cement silos may bear cracks, surface depletion, and also possible corrosion on the steel frames inside, which are also different challenges to detect. Occasional inspections every few months and annually can preempt any minor issues before they become serious problems.

Maintenance checks will start with new storage material or when changing your stored raw material inside. We may see any effects from the large structure if there was any minor damage like corrosion or dents. 

These minor issues can slowly worsen over time. Dents may seem minor, for example, but rust can start in these places. For movable large-scale silos, plan a thorough inspection after the move to confirm no damages occurred.

Possible Problem Spots

When you have a steel silo, you may want to check the roofing and pathway to fill up the silo. Check for material buildup and dirt or any accumulated material. The top cover or elevated entrance must be sealable to protect storage supplies from rain leaks. Silo cones must be confirmed in good condition to avoid leaks. Cover tops should be proofed for water or waterdrop seepage and protection.

For flooring areas, you can monitor for holes that can lead to pest invasion or leaks. The base and floor can also tell any foundation errors through signs such as fault cracks on the floor or if there is an imbalance on the floor.

With advanced tools, you can get an inspection hired to study the silo before any repair is made. You may be able to gauge the condition of the silo’s foundation or if it just needs a minor repair. Some concrete grain silo repair is required once you spot major cracks going along walls. It can be difficult to deal with both rebar-enhanced silo walls and plain concrete silo walls. There can be other parts involved, like Its cylindrical shape, which can be a challenge to repair.

Final Notes

Your silos are probably not getting enough maintenance checks. While they are durable, they can sustain damage over the years. It is important to periodically monitor and check the silos on your property and make sure they are secured and can continue to do their job of safe storage.

Borton is on top of things when you need real silo repair. We use advanced equipment to detect all problem sites on the structure and use professional site repair and reconstruction services. If you own a silo in the South Hutchinson, KS area, keep our number because you’ll be needing it soon.

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